Antigua, Lake Atitlan (Guatemala)

Explore Antigua the cobblestoned town as a world heritage site. Antigua is best known for its lovely colonial ruins, the remains of churches, monasteries and convents destroyed by earthquakes that plagued the Spanish colony. Lake Atitlan is famous for its natural beauty and colourful Mayan villages.

Cacao Trail

The Cacao Trails are a fantastic experience. The Cacao Farmer will take you all over his farm and show you how the Maya once made chocolate, from the Cacao Tree  all the way to his home, where his wife will roast, grind and make hot chocolate the old fashion way.

Exotic, Tropical Fruit Tasting Adventure

A tour of Exotic, Tropical Fruit Tasting Adventure is a wonderful and unforgettable activity experience for people of all ages! Learn about exotic fruits and organic family farming. You will learn to identify and harvest a wide array of delectable edibles. You will learn how to appreciate these fruit - how to select, prepare and eat them.

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