Doyle's Delight – Tallest Peak in Belize

Doyle's Delight, the country's tallest peak. Nameless until 1980s and not known to the general public because of charismatic, the mountain is still hidden in the very heart of Maya Mountains right on the border of Toledo and Cayo districts. Over the six days you will hike 84km with loaded expedition packs.

Jungle Survival Expedition

Our jungle survival expedition gives you the opportunity to spend the night in a tropical rainforest. You will eat directly from the jungle, and practice fishing with hand lines and bamboo poles (or sticks). Build, start and maintain a fire for cooking, fashion your own cooking utensils, and see which common wild plants are suitable as food. And finally, build your own natural shelter.

Maya Divide Trail

This fantastic expedition will take you for 10 days deep in the Maya Mountains of south-central Belize. There's no beer, no nothing, except what you will carry on your back. This is another world - a green, dripping, dark tapestry where rivers disappear underground. For some of you will that be the hardest 10 days of your life.

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