History and Adventure

Explore Lubaantun and Blue Creek! Lubaantun is the largest Mayan ceremonial center in Southern Belize, built in the Late Classic Period around 700-900 AD, and is well known for its unusual style of construction. It's then on to Blue Creek, located next to a deep pool of clear water perfect for swimming. Blue Creek's limestone caves are full of pristine crystal-clear mineral pools and lagoons.

Jungle & Cave Adventure

You will hike through "high bush" and secondary growth jungle and across crystal clear streams to reach a most remote and beautiful spot where you can explore the Oke'bal Ha Cave with marvelous formations where the Rio Blanco River disappear.

Tiger Cave & Nim Li Punit

Tiger Cave is located in the beautiful village of San Miguel which is about 20 miles and a 1 hour drive from Punta Gorda to the village.  Tiger Cave can bring back memories from our ancestor as we discover the piece of pottery inside the cave and the beautiful formations. After lunch it's time to discover Nim Li Punit which is situated along the top of a ridge in the foothills of the Maya Mountains.

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