Jungle and Adventure

The old Mayan trail leading up from Blue Creek to Santa Cruz has been used for decades as a go between for the two villages. The undulating trail will lead us to a beautiful and spectacular waterfall, whose flat ledges the river cascades over the deep pool below. This is the perfect place for a swim and  sunbathe, on the island of smooth flat rocks that have formed in the middle of the pool.

Jungle Survival Expedition

Our jungle survival expedition gives you the opportunity to spend the night in a tropical rainforest. You will eat directly from the jungle, and practice fishing with hand lines and bamboo poles (or sticks). Build, start and maintain a fire for cooking, fashion your own cooking utensils, and see which common wild plants are suitable as food. And finally, build your own natural shelter.

Top Adventure

Davis Falls is the second largest waterfall in Belize with a drop of more than 500 feet to a large pool. It's located some eight miles off the highway near Alta Vista Village (Stann Creek District). It is a vigorous fruit wagon ride over 7 river crossings. Your guide will take you on a 1 1/2 hour hike through secondary growth rainforest and across crystal-clear streams to reach a most remote and beautiful spot where the falls crash down.

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