Adventure and Maya

Discover Uxbenka, one of the earliest sites in Southern Belize and learn about medicinal rainforest plants. Explore the Yok Balum Cave and relax at the Rio Blanco River. Uxbenka, a moderately sized site in the foothills of the Maya Mountains was settled around AD 250, a time of expansion of political influence from Tikal, and occupied until around AD 900.

Antigua, Lake Atitlan (Guatemala)

Explore Antigua the cobblestoned town as a world heritage site. Antigua is best known for its lovely colonial ruins, the remains of churches, monasteries and convents destroyed by earthquakes that plagued the Spanish colony. Lake Atitlan is famous for its natural beauty and colourful Mayan villages.

Belize – Country of Contrasts

Belize has a mind-boggling diversity in both natural and cultural offerings. The jewel is a spectacular reef - the second largest in the world with premier snorkelling at South Water Caye. In Belize no two days are ever the same. Guatemala's most visited attraction is one of the most magnificent of all Mayan Sites TIKAL.

Cacao Trail

The Cacao Trails are a fantastic experience. The Cacao Farmer will take you all over his farm and show you how the Maya once made chocolate, from the Cacao Tree  all the way to his home, where his wife will roast, grind and make hot chocolate the old fashion way.

Cruise Excursions

Welcome to Toledo Cave & Adventure Tours, your Operator  to shore excursions in Belize and Toledo. Offering Toledo excursions to Mayan Sites (Nim Li Punit, Lubaantun and Uxbenka), Zip Lining, jungle hikes, waterfalls and Cave Swimming and famous Cacao Trail Tours.

Daily Toledo 2014

Simply unforgettable! Off the beaten track for the very best of Southern Belize nature, adventure, and culture! Backcountry of Belize, where you will find all that is authentically Belizean in one place: virgin rainforests, waterfalls, five Mayan archaeological sites, pristine Cayes for snorkelling and sport fishing and a population considered the most diverse in the country.

Doyle's Delight – Tallest Peak in Belize

Doyle's Delight, the country's tallest peak. Nameless until 1980s and not known to the general public because of charismatic, the mountain is still hidden in the very heart of Maya Mountains right on the border of Toledo and Cayo districts. Over the six days you will hike 84km with loaded expedition packs.

Exotic, Tropical Fruit Tasting Adventure

A tour of Exotic, Tropical Fruit Tasting Adventure is a wonderful and unforgettable activity experience for people of all ages! Learn about exotic fruits and organic family farming. You will learn to identify and harvest a wide array of delectable edibles. You will learn how to appreciate these fruit - how to select, prepare and eat them.

History and Adventure

Explore Lubaantun and Blue Creek! Lubaantun is the largest Mayan ceremonial center in Southern Belize, built in the Late Classic Period around 700-900 AD, and is well known for its unusual style of construction. It's then on to Blue Creek, located next to a deep pool of clear water perfect for swimming. Blue Creek's limestone caves are full of pristine crystal-clear mineral pools and lagoons.

Jungle & Cave Adventure

You will hike through "high bush" and secondary growth jungle and across crystal clear streams to reach a most remote and beautiful spot where you can explore the Oke'bal Ha Cave with marvelous formations where the Rio Blanco River disappear.

Jungle and Adventure

The old Mayan trail leading up from Blue Creek to Santa Cruz has been used for decades as a go between for the two villages. The undulating trail will lead us to a beautiful and spectacular waterfall, whose flat ledges the river cascades over the deep pool below. This is the perfect place for a swim and  sunbathe, on the island of smooth flat rocks that have formed in the middle of the pool.

Jungle Survival Expedition

Our jungle survival expedition gives you the opportunity to spend the night in a tropical rainforest. You will eat directly from the jungle, and practice fishing with hand lines and bamboo poles (or sticks). Build, start and maintain a fire for cooking, fashion your own cooking utensils, and see which common wild plants are suitable as food. And finally, build your own natural shelter.

Maya Divide Trail

This fantastic expedition will take you for 10 days deep in the Maya Mountains of south-central Belize. There's no beer, no nothing, except what you will carry on your back. This is another world - a green, dripping, dark tapestry where rivers disappear underground. For some of you will that be the hardest 10 days of your life.

Tiger Cave & Nim Li Punit

Tiger Cave is located in the beautiful village of San Miguel which is about 20 miles and a 1 hour drive from Punta Gorda to the village.  Tiger Cave can bring back memories from our ancestor as we discover the piece of pottery inside the cave and the beautiful formations. After lunch it's time to discover Nim Li Punit which is situated along the top of a ridge in the foothills of the Maya Mountains.

Top Adventure

Davis Falls is the second largest waterfall in Belize with a drop of more than 500 feet to a large pool. It's located some eight miles off the highway near Alta Vista Village (Stann Creek District). It is a vigorous fruit wagon ride over 7 river crossings. Your guide will take you on a 1 1/2 hour hike through secondary growth rainforest and across crystal-clear streams to reach a most remote and beautiful spot where the falls crash down.

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