Belize – Country of Maya, Chocolate and Adventure

Discover the southern part of Belize, with late classic Mayan structures, Mayan villages and chocolate tasting.

Day 1
After a one hour flight from Belize City to Punta Gorda you will receive the local guides from the most southern part of Belize , Toledo. During a tropical breakfast / lunch we discuss our upcoming trip . Then we visit the Mayan site Lubaantun which was rediscovered in  the late 19th Century and where the famous crystal head was found in 1924 . The late enjoyed  afternoon ends in sympathetic Punta Gorda. Overnight in San Marcos ( Sun Creek Lodge) .

Day 2
Today, the Maya culture and pure chocolate is the high point on the agenda: a tour of a cacao farm connected to the rainforest herbs of Belize. Intermingle and have lunch with Mayan family  at their home. Thereafter  we will view the farmers as they roast (naehergebrach) cocoa beans and explore the taste of original Kukuh drink. In the afternoon, enjoy a hike to a cave in the Blue Creek in breathtaking flora and fauna. In the pools of Blue Creek you can enjoy a refreshing swim.
We stay again in the Sun Creek Lodge.

Day 3
An early start is worthwhile - you can expect a wonderful snorkeling trip from Punta Gorda to a beautiful island  of West Snake Caye. Tempting fine sandy beaches with the opportunity and  possibilities  for snorkeling, swimming or relaxing. Late afternoon we return back to our familiar Sun Creek Lodge.

Day 4
We start the busy day, rediscovered  1976 with a trip to the famous Mayan site of Nim Li Punit (Late Classic) . There are 27 stelae , 7 are provided with impressive Mayan glyphs, among them there is also the longest stela in Belize with over 9 meters in total size . Then we continue to the largest spice farm in Belize with Vanilla and Black Pepper , and many other spices , herbs and fruits on offer . In the early evening we return back to the Sun Creek Lodge.

Day 5
Is certainly not easy to say goodbye to water fall , but after breakfast we then  take the bus all the way across Belize to Belize City, where you wait for the follow-up program .

Full five day tour US$ 1095.00 per person—including transfers (car, minbus, private car, except private bus return), admission fees .

Private Tour US$ 1295.00 per person.

Toledo Cave & Adventure Tours make a difference to you, and to the areas we visit. Indeed, we pledge to engage in “responsible tourism to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people. ” We take these principles to heart, and for every person who joins one of our Tours we make a donation to one of the leading conservation organizations working in the area.

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