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Bruno Kuppinger is the owner of Toledo Cave & Adventure Tours LTD. He a skilled tour guide who is now the operator of these prestigious tours for 15 years. His passion for tour guiding began while he managed the Sun Creek lodge in Toledo. He received an award for Best Small Hotel in 2009 from Belize Tourism Board (BTB). His aim is to prove that Toledo is filled with irreplaceable tropical nature, caves, waterfalls, forest, flora and fauna.

Kuppinger is a Belizean, by way of Germany – an identity that is singular, in that his journey of belonging has been uniquely his own.  Kuppinger left Germany at the height of what any westerner would call “success”; a profitable career in banking supported by the requisite financial spoils. Kuppinger set out to change that definition. Kuppinger has lived in Belize for 15 years, you cannot be in Toledo without hearing about Bruno.

He is a Justice of the Peacen (JP), a member or the tour guide association, BTIA, and a tour operator trainer.  Moreover, he also owns a woodshop and furniture store and has the ground laid for a ‘house of chocolate’.


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